Swim. Bike. Run.

Jorge Romero (modified, used with permission)

After a mindset make-over in late 2015, I coached myself from couch potato into the club of the fastest 2% marathon and half marathon runners and the top 10% IRONMAN triathletes within three years. I'm driven by the sensation of freedom and nature during training, the feeling of breaking through barriers that seemed insurmountable, and the enthusiasm to harness data and science for it. I'm reaching for » Kailua-Kona. Maybe I'll never make it, but "life is a journey, not a destination." (Emerald Wilson)



SWIM 100x100

22 February 2019. Completed the classic » SWIM 100x100 freestyle audax in Langen, Germany, a 10 km pool swim workout with fixed 100 m interval times. More...


Running the 5 Boroughs

9 February 2019. A dream is coming true! As an international time qualifier (2018 Frankfurt Marathon) I'm going to run the » TCS New York City Marathon on the 3rd of November. That's going to move me big time.


IRONMAN® All World Athlete 2019

17 January 2019. Award of 2019 IRONMAN® All World Athlete (AWA) Bronze status for 2019. To earn this » status athletes must finish within the top 10% of their age group, summing scores over their top three performances throughout 2018. With just two races (5,882 points) in my IRONMAN freshman year I made it on 128th place (top 10.7%) nationally and 1,943rd place (top 7.3%) globally in the » 2018 overall age-group rankings. Pleased and hungry.



Frankfurt Mainova Half Marathon

Going to run the » Frankfurt Mainova Half Marathon on 10 March 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It's a test race with 1 hour and 20 minutes target (or below).


SKODA Velotour Frankfurt-Eschborn

Going to race the » SKODA Velotour Frankfurt-Eschborn Classic for the second time (after 2017) on 1 May 2019. That's a scenic metric century (105 km) with 1,200 m of climbing through downtown Frankfurt and Hochtaunus, Germany. Party fun, partly test race.